Naked Poems download free online

Naked Poems free download online

This slim amount is an innovative, thought-provoking, encouragement of the art and wonder of lesson poems. Its author is an internationally well-known psychopharmacologist who, at get along eighty-two, revisits seventy-six poems derived from his personal and professional life, beginning at get along fifty. The paperback opens by exploring the trope behind the title, the way in which words in poems mirror regalias in couture—each covering yet enhancing and revealing what lies beneath. In a preparatory exercise, this trope is expressed in four dramatic forms—haiku, sonnet, classical, and free form—each examined to establish the experts of impact on the philosophies of art, affection, and intellect of the editor. The rules established are then applied by the editor, with the guidance of the author, to explore each of several poems in eight areas of life: self-observation, humor and put-on, travel and put one's finger on, life and ease, mental health matters, sacred extensities, get along, and failing. The editor explores each lines with regard to form, posture on the page, imagery, trope, philosophies of art, and structure, including syntax, poem, alliteration, lyric, and repeat. In total, this emphasizes the pithy way in which poetry can best prose in elegance, elegance, and brevity. In addition to sharing and enhancing the wonder of lesson poems, this includes an amateur’s force to reverse the well-documented dwindling interest of people in the category, perhaps contributed to by the increasingly esoteric, abstract, and obscure nature of contemporary poems.

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